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Choose between iStall Visitor Management OR iStall Resident Permitting

iStall Visitor Management

We discussed that you currently have a high amount of unauthorized use. In order to effectively solve this you need to restrict visitation in some fashion such that residents are discouraged or disabled from using visitor passes for their own cars. One simple method of eliminating this is to limit visits per unit, for instance, or restrict visitor passes to X visits per license plate. We can do this by simply asking the unit number being visited, or asking for a custom password of some kind, such as the resident buzzer code, by using to a relevant piece of information such as the phone number of a resident (requires resident permitting to be enabled).

iStall allows you to set visitor limits to whatever the Corporation wishes, based on the needs of your particular Strata. One common method is to set a limit of 10 visits per license plate per month. This option is can also be enhanced with resident blacklisting. IE you can configure the visitor validation system to disallow registrations by any license plate which has been currently or previously registered for a resident permit.

At your preference, we can also request the phone number of the visitor, and/or request much more extensive information such as the make, model, colour, & year of the vehicle. But for visitors I find the make/model level of detail extraneous and cumbersome.

Feel free to get back to me any time with any questions or if you would like me to attend a board meeting to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

If you are interested in a live demo, perhaps get back to us with the type of validation style you would like to pursue, as well as whether you would be interested in using the resident permitting option, and we can customize your demo based on the preferences of the Strata.

Thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to working together.

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iStall Resident Permitting

iStall can be used to generate resident parking permits for your reserved parking stalls.

The permits can be configured to be transferable from move from resident to resident without intervention or can require the intervention of property management. So basically if you have access to the permit code, you have the right to claim that permit without the intervention of a property manager. We typically use this method for Strata Corporations where there is a high degree of trust between users of the Unit and where you don’t want the administration of permit transfer to impede ease of use by the residents.

Alternately you can place permit issuance directly under the control of the property manager.

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